lil bible study

HEY LITTLE BLOG its been forever. Life is moving like a sixth grade boy on redbull at a friday night dance and I feel like I’m keeping up like a Kardashian [aka not very well at all but a grand effort is being made.]

I’ve been in Charleston since the 1st. Last night I walked into the room for dinner [I was characteristically late, so everyone was already there] and I felt so relieved to see them all. Realizing how relieved I felt to see them was so exciting. That was definitely a moment I did not realize I was waiting for. I felt like telling each person “hey I really LIKE YOU ACTUALLY” but that’s kind of a strange thing to do so I didn’t do it but I also should have probably. God knew what He was doing fam holy moly there are rad people here.

Cool things about Charleston:

-I got a job at a juice place so basically that’s the biggest blessing ever

-my roommates are awesome and so is my bible study and everyone also

-my hotel is on a marina so there are boats EVERYWHERE and also crabs and lizards and a snake nest which is 10/10 I’m thrivin

-this hotel has blueberry muffins and waffles

-the beach is 15 minutes away and my coworkers go surfing after work

-I have met two girls that wear yellow crocs every day which just flipped my life and all understanding of social constructs upside down #freeyomind #therestwillfollow #arethoseeventhelyrics #Igoogledityestheyare

-this hotel accepts pets so I’ve touched a dog every day for all nine days SUCCESS

God is doing very cool things and the reasons that I am here are becoming as obvious as they are numerous. This first week was sufficiently difficult but I’m expectant for this trip and thankful to be here. Thank you to everyone who supported me financially, prayed for me, and encouraged me. I have held on to your words during these days.





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