some songs + expository traffic lights

Music from my first two weeks in Charleston.

Feel No Ways- Drake | I listened to this a lot driving to Charleston

Don’t Dream It’s Over- Sixpence None the Richer | Got this CD with Marissa from McKays and this song was playing when I got to Charleston and saw all the water and bridges and my hotel for the first time.

Don’t Sing- Data + Benny Sings | the official unofficial driving home from work and getting a coffee song

Back In the Tall Grass- Future Islands | stole this one off of DMMII’s playlist (thx u) I listened to this at sunset at the battery. “you look like a rose, especially, when I’m a long way from home”

Low Tide- Liza Anne | “i’ll be the moon holding you – keeping my low tide lover around”

Hold You In My Arms- Ray LaMontagne | ray lamontagne’s voice reminds me of my roommates whom I freakin miss

Young Bride- Midlake | mmmmmmmmmmmm


“I’m thinking a lot about how we spend three weeks of our lives sitting at traffic lights. It’s scary  to think about it all happening at one time. It seems like a huge waste. But really it isn’t, because at those lights you’re stopping your drive to let other people go, and sometimes they wait so you can go. and at traffic lights you can listen to music and look outside and sometimes you have people with you and if you’re horrible like me you get a moment to send a text message or find the closest post office on google maps so you can buy stamps and send a father’s day card, so traffic lights are kinda okay.

I’m trying to think of this trip that way. I wouldn’t have spent every second of my summer laying on Abi’s bed with Chloe or playing chubby bunny with Ethan or driving laps on my favorite roads or napping in my room with the big windows and breezy curtains or stealing sunsets from the park. I’m not missing out by spending one big section of time away from it all. I’m just doing it all at once. I’m doing something else good all at once. I’m sitting at a traffic light for three weeks and then never doing it again.”

from my journal



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