meep is the title of this blog post

I have a tracker widget on my phone that shows me how many people have viewed my blog in the last 24 hours, and it amazes me that three to five of you meander over here to this forsaken url each day. Thank you for reading this little log.

I am home from project and my brain feels like it has a lot of tabs open: I am continually processing the past and the present in two different locations and also thinking ahead to starting school in a few weeks and all my writing is coming out in cliches and I am making a lot of lists and everything is so interesting at long last.

I have been writing a big “what I’ve learned/ how project impacted me/ etc” post for the last two months and it may or may not ever see the light of day  your computer screen, but if you know how to hack wordpress software you can go ahead and read it I suppose,,

Bucket list for Before Til College:

-acquire a red bike

-fix tan lines

-visit Riss and ruin her life >:)

-camp in the yar

-repaint jewelry box. I sucked it up two years ago; you can read about that somewhere deep in this blog under the tag “horrendously embarrassing 2014 projects” just kidding don’t look that doesn’t exist but it should

-put patches I bought onto jeans I bought


-my phone is full on storage and hasn’t been backed up in reportedly 73 weeks and I’ve been clicking “remind me later” on the software update for two months so I gotta get that squared away I gotta my spotify keeps crashing which is,, A Nightmare

-read something read anything please read or you’re going to forget how

-pick up one more class this semester. spanish? coding? unsure.

-write more write more write more write more write more write more

-start planning a New England trip

-start a new journal (I just bought one !)

-donate 80% of what I own——-

lots of blog posts coming lots of things in my brain and my heart and big plans big plans so many big plans



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