A Terrible Field Guide to Eyebrows


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hello, all!

I’m putting away all my things from project, therein including the four (!) eyebrow pencils I brought with me to Charleston, which I realized is 1. absurd and 2. potentially valuable to share to 1. shame myself and 2. yeah that’s honestly it.

I actually do not know very much about eyebrows. I don’t even do my own; I always do the top parts wrong, so I prefer to outsource the job to my mom.

HOWEVER I am otherwise responsible for filling in my eyebrows on a daily basis. On project, I was called out to share with the group more than once because my eyebrows were doing things without my permission. In the last month, twice I have been referred to as “overly expressive.” In summation: I think my eyebrows are effectively and consistently dark. Here is what has worked for me during my six year attempt to resemble brooke shields in the 90’s.

Brooke Shields

Thing$ that are good but al$o expen$ive:

  1. Benefit Gimme Brow very good so good so expensive so good
  2. Anastasia Brow Wiz best pencil ever imo. also crushingly expensive.
  3. Laura Mercier Brow Pencil I use the blonde one????? but its real good. also the pencil is triangle shaped so it doesn’t roll off the counter !

Otherwise, Maybelline does good brow powders. Also you definitely own matte brown eyeshadows, so mess around with those. Stay away from any and all drugstore pencils– personal opinion. So many of them are just rebranded eyeliner and they’re too dark and soft and they never set and EEK don’t do that to yourself.


– get a second opinion from a woman whose life is more together if you’re tweezing!

– buy an angled brush

– those spoolie things are the magic erasers of the eyebrow world BUY ONE (the elf one is $1).

– the end thats all I know




I would like to thank Old Navy and miscellaneous suburban families with children I babysat from 2012-2014 for sponsoring my makeup collection; a noteworthy supplication of materials that has lasted me through college.

# cups of coffee that went into this blog post: II



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