Junior Year Dorm Decoration Scheme

This year the Felicias of Boling are [literally] moving on to bigger and better things– STOPHEL. NO LONGER shall we live without a dishwasher. No more walks to the community laundry room in the snow. WE HAVE CLOSET DOORS THAT CLOSE(t)! Very excite much excitement hurray hurrah hoy ya.

I’m not exactly a good role model when it comes to dorm decorating: I put a lot of nails in the wall, I burn a lot of candles, and I fix holes in the paint with toothpaste BUT THATS NOT THE POINT. Here are all my ideas for this upcoming castle dorm room.

– steal an old bedspread from my house for sentimental reasons and also because bedspreads are expen$ive and I’d rather spend my money on juice. I swiped an old blanket from the hall closet already. When I figure out how many days you should go between stealing things from your parents to keep them from noticing, I’ll let you know. It’s going to be trial and error.

– IF Collin and I make it to an ikea before school, I want to buy more string lights like this star kind or more of these flower ones I have and love.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

– canopy. Abi has one for her room and its the coolest ever. If I make one, this is how I’ll do it. If I buy one, this is the one I will buy.

– ceiling stars because duh. I want to put them in constellations I want to learn this time.

– I really want to make one of these rope curtains for our hallway/my bedroom doorway/in front of the fridge/ all of the above.

DIY macrame curtain

– I want to somehow hang my board somewhere: either on nails above the door or above my bed but I also don’t want it to crush my head in my sleep because I don’t think my nail skills are really that dependable.

Ultimamente penso em colocar tudo na parede. Desde fotografias, pôsteres, papéis, tecidos para colocar em quadros, objetos em si. E se tem algo que gosto de ver na parede são objetos do dono da cas…:

besides that, the plan is posters and photos so many photos more photos than you can even picture. Get it. mmh. yeah okay mhm.



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