What I Read



Temperance Creek; a memoir by Pamela Royes

From the foreword, written by Teresa Jordan;

“During her junior year of college, Pam Royes made a decision that everyone who knew her thought disastrous. She rode off into the wilderness- literally, not metaphorically- with a Vietnam vet named Skip she had met only days before. Within weeks, she had suffered a bullet wound and watched her mare fall off a mountain. The story goes on from there, itself a cliffhanger, the short of thriller where you find yourself sayin over and over, “Don’t go into the barn. Don’t go into the barn…”

I got this today and I’m already… in love with it. This book is my dream. Pamela Royes has lived the coolest life ever and it’s incredible to read so closely about her story. It’s well written and nostalgic and I will probably be up all night reading the rest of it.

I’m mostly writing this blog post because I’m trying to keep myself from finishing it because I don’t want it to be over and also I really wanted to share how lovely it is. ooooooo oo o it’s so nice you gotta read it especially if you love the outside.

The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James

This I’m reading mostly so far to expand my vocabulary, and so far I have learned a lot of words. It’s a serial from The Atlantic Monthly from 1881 about a “widely read, imaginative, confident in her own mind, and slightly narcissistic” (ty sparknotes) woman, her journalist friends, and their romantic entanglements. Wonderful.

“First written in the 1880s and extensively revised in 1908, The Portrait of a Lady is often considered to be James’s greatest achievement. In it, he explored many of his most characteristic themes, including the conflict between American individualism and European social custom and the situation of Americans in Europe. It also includes many of his most memorable characters.” (sparknotes again ty internet)



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