how to make your swing higher without throwing it over the bar

photo by Aaron Burden via Unsplash

the first part in a series of things I’ve googled that I didn’t find


Lord knows my wealth of knowledge has negative net worth

here goes

ALRIGHT SO you know how you go to swing and you’re swinging and its all so great and then you realize your calves are being crushed and your shin muscles are on fire because you’re trying to not scrape your feet on the ground because you’re an adult trying to swing on a children’s playground (–which is an entirely different problem altogether that I really can’t help you with as an associate adult swinger) (not swinger thats not what I mean either) (what a nightmare piece of writing this is)

ok yes so that happens because your swing is too short.


  1. get off the playground, you’re an adult and kids are trying to use the swings
  2. follow below


Twist the seat like you’re trying to flip it over but keep going around and around until the chain twists enough to shorten. 

Watercolor on paper.




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