// THE 1975 //



I thought I had a balcony seat but upon a closer (read: first actual) examination of my ticket, I was general admission. My friend’s sister camped out for I think two nights prior (she met Matty and I’m,, so jealous still) and so I was definitely not anywhere near the front. Standing in somebody’s beer, I was next to a guy my age with a ponytail, two high schoolers wearing, like most of the girls (and also me) a ton of lipstick, and a visibly (and audibly) drunk couple who danced what I think was the cha cha the entire show.

The 1975 visually was one of the coolest shows I’ve ever seen. the set is incredible. Matty’s dancing is wonderful. They played all the cool ambient ones– including all ten minutes of ILIWYS, which the crowd loved. Great band. Great record. So grateful I got to go– shoutout to the Juice Joint in Charleston for hiring me and paying me so I could afford to buy this ticket in July.

It isn’t a revolutionary thing to go to a concert alone but I really think everyone should do it. Especially if you have an opportunity to see your favorite band and you don’t want to take someone who

-is gonna try to talk to you during it :/ especially :/ during the quiet songs people like to talk through that you actually want to enjoy

-OR WORSE when the artist is trying to talk to the audience and everyone starts screaming at them o hmy

– will make you irrationally hold their place in line, coat, drink, phone, etc.

As a (in both interpretations) literally single girl at a concert I stood wherever I wanted to the entire time, cried a lil bit, and did every weird dance I knew. I got there late, I left when I wanted, and I took photos when I wanted at the low, low price of the judgment of only people who don’t know me.

It was beautiful; everyone should do things alone often.

I’m actually going to another one by my lonesome tonight. >:) wish me the luck


a turbil video but it is special 2 moi




2 thoughts on “// THE 1975 //

  1. Hi it’s Jessie I’ve been stalking your blog after you posted an Insta today and I realized I haven’t read a bunch from the semester anyway YES TO THE CONCERT IT WAS SO AMAZING AND THE VISUALS WERE GREAT AND I WANT TO DANCE LIKE HIM SO BADLY anyway I love reading these you are super cool and I’ll see ya later.


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