Sunday Seven

photo via mattblease on tumblr

one. I bookended my week with concerts.The 1975 on Monday and The Goo Goo Dolls Saturday. I went to both of them by myself and I decided that I should start going to movies or house shows if I want to do things alone because I’m bankrupting myself $40 a weekend on concerts. Speaking of which, though, Colony House and Third Eye Blind are playing in Nasvhille December 10….

two. Time with family over break

three. It’s nearly Advent, which means the blessed end of No Makeup November.

four. Gilmore Girls revival season is finally out!


five. Inside This Dream mmmm

six. exams are a happenin and I am 🙂 stressed

seven. How To Draw, the Target exclusive bonus track from the 1975 album. shout out to my mom for buying it for me on black friday.




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