7 Things From No Makeup November

photo by Alysa Bajenaru via Unsplash

no makeup we die like men

As soon as I thought it sounded difficult to go a month makeup-free, I decided I would commit to it because 1. I don’t like knowing I have security in places it shouldn’t be 2. makeup is a very easy thing to give up 3. I’m twenty years old my face is fine on her own.

also, I learned today that there are more

than 40 of you reading this! hello all xx



one. I did not successfully accomplish all 30 days of No Makeup November.

cheat log leaf

two. My skin did not get better, but my eyelashes did.

three. It wasn’t that hard. “It was easier than I thought. And I felt like I was able to talk to people better because I didn’t have to be something.” -Chloe

four. I cried laughing more willingly and more often.

five. Cheating felt bad and wasn’t worth it at the end of the month.

six. I forgot how to do eyeliner. Big time.




other things I’ve done for a month: quit the internetattempted to daily blog



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