Winter 2016 Tasklist

happywinterbreakhere is my list.

p.s. here is my list from last year

I will report back with my success rate.

go to Honest Coffee and get the Dasher Dancer Prancer (PLEASE HAVE IT AGAIN)

finish and publish The Ridiculous Spotify Project (TBA)

order LUSH Christmas things.

play basketball and eat tacos with Sloan

make and consume gingerbread cookies

turn in last homework

hang out with Blue and probably paint our nails

send ridiculous mail to Sloan, Marissa, and Allison

compile leaf collection into a framed collage


go to the library and read something off the bestseller list from this year

redo car stickers

drive around to see Christmas lights!

beat harvest moon. HM was my favorite game as a kid and I want to beat it this winter. Christmas break tradition is drinking dr. pepper, sitting in front of the space heater in the bonus room and playing harvest moon. I’m going to try to beat magical melody first and if that happens I’ll go for tree of tranquility but lets be honest. cheat references for later. 

run three days a week nevermind I tore my meniscus apparently

destroy the college closet. I adopted the guest room closet as my storage for all my college/dorm stuff when I came home after my first year of college and its scary in there and my parents deserve better.

donate so much so many all of the things to goodwill

go to the movies with family (Rogue One!)

go to the movies alone (??? give me suggestions)

run to the juice bar


take a nap longer than four hours. four or maybe five times.



Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

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