Sunday Seven | Songs

photo source

How Bizarre | OMC | mentioned in ‘Love Is a Mixtape’ by Rob Sheffield, which I just finished and loved. review here. 

Dog Years | Maggie Rogers | at a stop light a guy on a bike told chloe through her car window that he likes this song. us too, mister.

I Would Hate You If I Could | Turnover | says turnover is ‘amazing.’ agree.

Leon | The Japanese House | link to tickets to Nashville show March 20 !!!!!

Home Life | John Mayer | ‘sitting in the slow-mo // and listening to the daylight’

My Type | Saint Motel | ‘you-you-you’re just my type // oh, you got a pulse and you are breathing’

Can’t Buy Me Love | The Beatles | all I can think of is baby patrick dempsey


watch Can’t Buy Me Love asap if you haven’t seen it

x x x



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