All I know about disposable cameras (warning: not a lot)



photos from a disposable camera I had in 2005 I found in my closet and had developed. 


I know absolutely nothing about film photography, lomography, or photography in general, but I really have enjoyed disposable cameras this year. Here are all the things I’ve learned from messing around with mine.

– paint your flash! I’ve been painting mine with glitter nailpolish to reflect when I use the flash. You can also color it with a marker or put colored cellophane in front of it to filter it.

– scratch up your lens for some blurry edges. I scratched up the edges and corners of my lens so the photos will fuzz up around the sides. I want to try cracking a lens, too. The first time I did this, I scratched up the viewfinder and not the actual lens, if that tells you anything about how much I know about cameras.

three. double/extra exposures.

here’s an actual guide on how to easily do it with really good accuracy:

but if you’re lazy or want it to be unreasonably random:

according to this article, if you charge the flash and then smack the camera in the palm of your hand (with the lens facing out), the flash will fire and you can get an extra exposure or maybe a double exposure. I have no idea if this works or not but its worth a shot.

side note: the app Faded does cool double exposures also. 

– iphone fisheye lenses work on disposable cameras!

source unif / tumblr

– the “use the blue at the top of your windshield as a gradient filter” trick.

source. shot by Nick Sprankle on a Fujifilm disposable on 400 speed film.

I have nine more photos on this camera before I develop it. Very excited to see them all.

p.s. you can reload your film if you don’t have a kodak (or if you have a modified kodak) and some skill.




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