1970 Adler Triumph Tippa S

My Typewriter Research is as extensive as follows:

– this website sells refurbished typewriters from Kentucky.

– Rock Paper Scissors downtown Franklin had one perfect condition typewriter for sale.

– so I bought it. mostly because it is yellow.

I visited it in person once, dreamed about it, and then went back the next day and bought it. I took it home in a big white bag that I hugged for four blocks, grinning like an idiot, walking it back to my car.

I ordered a ribbon that didn’t fit and a ribbon that also didn’t fit that I broke so it would fit the spools. I still have no idea what kind of ribbon you buy for an Adler Tippa, but I have one set of spools that can fit and two ribbons, so I’m set for a bit. Youtube has tons of videos on how to roll, re-roll, re-ink and fix typewriter ribbons if you’re interested.


Things I like about the Adler Triumph Tippa:

– the bell is beautiful

– the font is classic and tiny

–  thin enough and not too heavy to carry in a backpack (relatively speaking)

– the keys are snappy and weighty. except the s. the s key is lazy. i relate.

– as with most manual typewriters, you can change the line spacing, you can backspace, the margins are adjustable, and you can change the ink color with a multi-colored ribbon.

As far as difficulties with it go, it does seem difficult to find ribbons that fit it [ which is probably just user error ] but also it is unusually difficult to type on, even for a typewriter. people who agree with me.

Interesting bits o information from that ^ little comment section:

– one guy bought a tippa and wants to take it kayaking. aw.

– another guy typed his life’s work on a tippa. aw.

– he also said he’s had ‘five nervous breakdowns’ installing ribbons on my model. i relate.




One thought on “1970 Adler Triumph Tippa S

  1. you can use standard Olivetti ribbon (as in my Triumph Tippa – not S but almost the same) – or you can use the original spools with a 13mm new ribbon. This is a great machine!


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