Sewing Envelopes

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I LOVE MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m always looking for cool mail stuff online, so here is my cool mail thing contribution.

IMG_0885.JPGI don’t always have an envelope big enough for all the stuff I’m sending and also regular envelopes don’t fit in my typewriter and typing the address is so…………. much better than looking at my handwriting.

Also it means the recipient has to cut them open he ha

No one needs a tutorial on how to do this, but here we are

things you will need:

one. box of sewing stuff from Nana, including thread a needle possibly a thimble

two. some tape if you’re either (or both) lazy or nervous about your letter falling apart. I tape in the loose strings on the inside of the envelope to secure it.

three. paper (I’ve used newspaper, graph paper, lined school paper, brown shipping paper, coloring book pages (colored, duh), etc…) you can dye it with coffee, cover it in mod podge and glitter, coat it in stickers, whatever.

top tips from the world’s #1 (only) envelope sewer (me):

one. write your letter first and then cut your paper to size with some GENEROUS margins because trust me you’re terrible at sewing paper together

two. don’t sew all four sides before you put the letter in :////////// i’m serious

three. start sewing from the inside of a corner so that your loose ends are on the inside. also: tape them down.

Just made one of these to write to John Mayer. Update (very unprobably) possibly to follow.




p.s. if you want to write to me, let me know, and if i owe you a letter, let me know.


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