girl got a job

me, in 2015 as an intern for what would later be my first “real” job. eat your vegetables and do your internships, kids.

How many blog posts have been written titled some variation of “Update: I’m moving to Nashville”? Unsure. x+1, because here’s one more.

First of all I just want to acknowledge that it feels a little bit weird to put on this blog that I got a writing job because the writing on this blog, stylistically, is mostly personal,  unprofessional trash. Which is my favorite way to write.

No SEO (I love a run on sentence), questionable use of photos, and broken links for days have gathered for me a grand total of 57 followers in five years of blogging and $0 revenue. I feel so pained telling regular readers of my misspelled, undercapitalized, overpunctuated blog that I got a professional writing job that includes blogging. But. That’s exactly what happened, so. Go figure.

Maybe I got lucky and Amy (my boss! omg) doesn’t read this blog (hi). If she does, I feel like I got away with murder for still being hired, so shout out to her for believing in me and understanding that I will never, ever, write this way under her name.

ANYWAY I’M MOVING TO NASHVILLE. After two months of searching around “my” city, (comm majors searching for a non-news-but-still-comm-job writing something not-boring, beware ChattNasty) I got a dreamy dream job offer from The Magnet that is Nashville that was just so shiny and amazing it was a no-brainer to take.

I’ll be working as a Communications Assistant at Nice Branding Agency in Nashville starting in April. I’m so excited and feel really lucky to be using my degree at a dream job so soon after graduating. Graduating a semester early at 21 was a huge blessing and this job is a huge opportunity for me that I’m so excited about.

Cheers to new beginnings! See you in April, Nasty.




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